On the upper floor of Amante House, you'll find 5 charming guest rooms, each with its own unique character. We cherish honest and antique materials, antique finishes, and coziness. You can find all of this in our rooms. In one of the rooms, you can enjoy the luxury of a bath and completely unwind. The entire house is equipped with ventilation to ensure fresh and quality air, and our soft beds are adorned with quality linens for a good night's sleep.

In the foyer on the second floor, in the café on the ground floor, or in the spacious outdoor area, you can disconnect with a book. The castle park and the sea are just a 1-minute walk away.

In the adjacent buildings, there is a charming guest apartment with a balcony, perfect for larger families, and two double attic rooms that were once part of Kingissepp's first hotel. The latter have a slightly more ascetic ambiance but still feature excellent beds and a pleasant, light decor.

Come and take time to just be!

All rooms have their own unique charm, with comfortable and cozy beds as a common feature, complemented by elements in the decor that create a pleasant atmosphere. Amante is an accommodation in Kuressaare where you can peacefully rest and unwind.
Amante is an accommodation in Kuressaare, where you can peacefully rest and indulge.

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Places that are nearby

300m Kuressaare Castle
600m Kuressaare Centre Square
700m Kuressaare Beach

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Good Mood Food cafe

The café on the ground floor of Amante House, where you can nourish your body with food and drinks.

Guest Accommodation

The guest apartments located in the same courtyard as Amante House.

Suviste külalistemaja

Suviste Guesthouse has six private rooms, providing a comfortable stay for individuals or couples. The rooms are decorated in white and pastel tones. Additionally, the rooms are equipped with a kettle, a writing desk, and bed linen. The private bathroom features a shower

Korter sõpradele

Spacious and private two-story guest apartment, perfect for family or group vacations. The apartment features two large bedrooms with comfortable king-size beds. There is a kitchenette for preparing meals, and the guest apartment also has a balcony. This classically furnished guest apartment includes stylish furniture, and the bedroom boasts slanted ceilings. A flat-screen TV is provided in the living area, and there is also a balcony. The fully equipped kitchenette includes a refrigerator, and the private bathroom is equipped with a shower and complimentary toiletries. The view overlooks the garden.

Surrounded by beautiful nature and enticing tourist attractions, we make it convenient for you to visit all the stunning places. We assist you with guidance and support to facilitate easy travel to nearby locations.

Experience the charm of Saaremaa.

We help you experience the full essence of life in Saaremaa. Immerse yourself in its splendid nature, soak in the atmosphere with the locals, and rest assured that you'll walk home with memories and wonderful moments.